What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting service in which an organization pays a single Internet service provider (ISP) or computer hardware vendor to host its website. Organizations typically use the term “shared” to indicate that multiple sites are hosted on the same server, as well as that each site has a specified amount of server storage and bandwidth. Additionally, shared hosting can mean that customers can collaborate on their websites by sharing content in their shared space.

In contrast, dedicated servers give organizations full control over hardware and software configuration, enabling organizations to run multiple different websites at the same time with unique configurations tailored for each website.

In some cases, organizations pay a set price for a dedicated server, which they lease to third parties. While this type of hosting could be considered “shared” in the technical sense, it is not synonymous with “shared”. The term “shared” does not necessarily mean that multiple websites are hosted on the same physical machine: any server that is purchased, leased, or leased from a hosting service provider and is dedicated to one customer can be considered “dedicated”, often referred to as “monitored” hosting.

Shared hosting is sometimes used in situations where an organization will have multiple websites hosted on a single web server. Shared hosting is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses and organizations that have little or no IT experience. Its primary benefit is that it offers more affordable prices than dedicated hosting.

In shared hosting, multiple organizations (“tenants”) are hosted on the same server with access to a single installation of the operating system. Reasonable efforts are made to ensure that all customers have equal access to the server’s resources. Each customer is allocated a certain amount of storage and bandwidth per month, and in many cases can choose between Linux, Windows, or FreeBSD operating systems. Some organizations may offer “unmetered” bandwidth (the ability to download an unlimited amount) in return for a higher monthly cost. Shared hosting does not mean that the customers’ data is stored on a single machine; rather it means that all their websites and services run on one machine.

Most hosting providers allocate a specific amount of hard disk space and bandwidth, and nearly all allow the user to customize the operating system, often via a control panel software, such as cPanel or Plesk. Many shared hosting providers offer shell access to their customers via SSH. CGI (common gateway interface) scripts are usually allowed, and some hosts even offer PHP for dynamic web content. Many of them provide an online file manager for easy management of websites, databases, and email. Email services such as cPanel can be used to send outgoing mail from the server without problems; however, incoming mail requires either a separate email account from another service provider or a virtual private network (VPN).

Many small businesses use a single shared server to host all their websites and email. The high-traffic nature of such businesses necessitates an outsourced solution that offers more resources, at a higher cost per megabit or gigabit, or requires the business to upgrade to a “dynamic” (also known as “managed”) hosting company.

These days even large corporations are using shared hosting for their smaller servers and web services because of the low up-front cost. Shared hosting is typically used for simple websites with little traffic, but there are no restrictions on how much bandwidth can be used; if the site becomes more popular, then more bandwidth is simply added from the central provider at an additional cost.

Shared hosting providers typically offer stable, reliable hosting services. Although shared hosts still suffer server outages and other issues, they rarely experience downtime due to the number of servers they maintain. Shared hosting can be useful for smaller businesses that cannot afford to buy dedicated web servers with unplanned outages that may happen due to hardware failures and other issues. Shared hosting allows multiple websites to be hosted on a single server, which reduces costs and helps small businesses deploy their website quicker.

Best Shared Hosting Service Provider in India?

Shared hosting is an economical way of running a website, as it involves getting space on a server shared with other websites. the best shared hosting providers in India and also give you to know why they are the best.

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