What is dedicated server hosting?

Many people wonder what the big deal about dedicated server hosting is, but few have the faintest idea of what it actually entails. To put it in simple terms, you’re renting a server space on a host’s computer. This means that you are able to share your sites and apps with other people through their servers as well and get better load speeds.

There is also much more security this way as it takes away the chances of hackers getting into your account. You’ll also be able to control access so that only those who need to can access your site or app. Dedicated hosting allows for flexibility such as automatic updates when needed, heavy-duty customer support, and much quicker page load times than shared hosts offer.

Although dedicated hosting is more expensive than shared, it’s a great option for large companies with high traffic and big websites.

Most hosts offer 24/7 support, but you will have to pay for it with your money or online currency. If you’re looking for a host that offers quality customer care that is around the clock, then be sure to ask them about their customer support options when you are shopping around for the best deal. Dedicated server also allow for businesses of any size to reach their target audience in a faster way than has ever been possible before.

They often provide more RAM and much more memory which your site will definitely appreciate. While most dedicated servers do not have a persistent IP, they are the best option for corporate enterprise hosting, where the focus is simply on reliability and speed over everything else.

Many of these websites offer the same benefits as shared hosting but with a much bigger price tag attached to it.The price range stems between $10 and $100 per month. Although this may seem like an expensive price to pay for a website, it is worth every penny if you need your site up and running quickly.

What makes clients choose dedicated hosting over shared?

When you use a shared server, the hardware is also used by all clients’ sites. The more sites you have on the same server, the slower it will become. This is because each site needs its own space in the hard disk and network pipes. Thus, it becomes more expensive. On the other hand, with a dedicated server, each client has their own space in their hard disk and network pipes so they do not affect each other’s files and performance at all. A dedicated server is a good option if the sites are very large or if the user needs to upload a lot of images and files.

The first difference between dedicated hosting and shared hosting can be found in the control panel that is provided. With a dedicated server, you will have access to cPanel, which is an intuitive web interface that can help you manage your site easily. However, with shared hosting, you will only have access to Plesk which is not as intuitive as cPanel. Plesk is more like an operating system than a control panel because it gives users full access over the server’s resources – they can add new accounts, configure firewalls and install software, etc. Also, you can only access Plesk by logging in via the server’s console, if you have the password.

Another very important difference is that with dedicated hosting, there is no risk of shared file system. With shared hosting, your site and files might be affected by other customers on the server. For example, they may use up all the free space or overload the CPU. If this happens and your files are in danger of being damaged or destroyed, all you will have to do is report it to your host. The good thing with a dedicated server is that if this happens then you will only be affected by it (since it is only yours) – so no other customers’ sites on that server will be damaged as well.

Unlike shared servers, with dedicated servers there is no risk of one server being overloaded. If this happens, then it will affect only the server and not other customers’ files on that server. Also, if you are providing storage for other customers’ images, music and web pages, there will be no risk of file corruption.

You should never choose a shared hosting company because of its cheap pricing – it’s not worth the lost security or speed what so ever!

The main advantages of a dedicated hosting company over a shared hosting company are:

1) You can control everything about your website including the hardware, software and hardware configuration.

2) You’ll be able to update your website with ease by logging in to your control panel

3)You’re not sharing server space with other companies, so you won’t be slowed down by other people’s activity

4) Dedicated hosting means that you’ll have access to the full speed and power of the server.

5) There are no limits on websites and data storage that a dedicated hosting company offers.

6) You can provide reliable 24/7 customer service for your clients because when they contact you, you can answer their question immediately.

7) Your website’s performance will improve considerably because all the time and energy is focused on it rather than competing with other websites for resources.

8) You can always use the latest and greatest hardware software.

9) You’ll be able to install all of your favorite programs that you use on a daily basis.

10) The customer service/admin tech support is better than any shared hosting company.

11) Many dedicated hosting companies offer additional services like SSL, CDN, security and more.