Difference Between cPanel And Plesk Panel Web Hosting

What Is Web Hosting Control Panel

Web Hosting Control Panel Is a web-based interface that gives you an easy option to use your hosting where users can easily manage their hosting features Like File Manager, Subdomain Control, Email Managing, Database, And many more thing there are many panels in the market

Some Popular Web Hosting Control Panel

    • cPanel

    • Plesk Panel

    • Directadmin

    • Webmin

What Is Cpanel?

cPanel Is The Most Popular Web Hosting Control Panel In The Market It was Launched In 1996 It Has The Most Number Of Users and cPanel Has Two Different Types Of Interfaces cPanel Web Control Panel And WHM(Web Host Manager).


What Is Plesk Panel?

Plesk is One Of The Popular Web Hosting Control Panel In The Market It was Launched In 2001 Plesk’s Latest Version Is Plesk Obsidian, Plesk Support Both Windows And Linux servers.

User Interface 

cPanel: cPanel Has an exemplary user interface cPanel every item is grouped into sections. cPanel allows customization in its panel cPanel has two types of user interfaces cPanel And WHM(Web Host Manager). WHM is a web host manager that manages users and resellers.

Some Feature Of cPanel 

    • Easy To Use 

    • Customization 

    • WHM(Web Host Manager)

Plesk: Plesk has a clean UI it’s easy to use and looks similar to the WordPress panel. In Plesk you can create your own custom groupings, you won’t need to exert a lot of time or energy searching for specific options.

Some Feature Of the Plesk Panel

    • Easy To Use 

    • Groupings

Both have access to CLI (command line interface) 


Both Panels Are Fast But Cpanel has better page load time than Plesk, Cpanel focuses On faster optimizing performance and Cpanel has low memory required than Plesk.


Both Panels Support SSL(Secure sockets layer) You Can Easily Install SSL(Secure sockets layer) By Using Let’s Encrypt(Cpanel Doesn’t come with Let’s Encrypt you need to install an additional plugin of Let’s Encrypt), AutoSSL(Only Cpanel).

Programing Language Support

Both Panels Support Multiple Language Like PHP, C++, C#,  Python, And Many More But  Cpanel Doesn’t Support Asp.Net 


Cpanel Offer You Only MySQL And Plesk Panel Offers MSSQL And MySQL Both Type Databases


Both Panel Support Backup Feature But Cpanel Have a Complicated Backup System

What is Shared Hosting?

Mobile Accessibility

Plesk Has a mobile application but Cpanel Doesn’t have any mobile application it has a good interface on mobile.


Cpanel Has a Higher Price Then Plesk Panel 

Cpanel Pricing 

$15.99 $27.99 $39.99 $59.99Each Account>100 Accounts $0.39 each*
1 Account 5 Accounts 30 Accounts 100 Accounts
Cpanel Solo Admin Pro Premier

Plesk Pricing 

$12/mo $18.50/mo $30.50/mo
10 domains 30 domain Unlimited domains
Web Admin Edition Web Pro Edition Web Host Edition


Both Panel Has Some Simliier Feature Both Panel Support Some of the same programming languages you can choose according to your requirement and budget.